HTPC, PVR and existing HDTV account with cable supplier



Good Day,

I hope this hasn't been asked a million times before, and if it has, could somebody direct to the right spot?

Anyways, I will be interested in setting up a HTPC in the next little bit and would be interested in getting a Video Card with TV PVR (or TIVO whatever you want to call it) support.

Right now I have a 50" Samsung DLP and I'm paying Rogers (my cable company) to have a box for HDTV. The box I rent from Rogers is Scientic Atlanta Explorer (I think - I'm a newbie! ). Although I rent the Rogers Box and I pay monthly for it, I know very little of HD technology.

Can any box, or in my case my HTPC, act as the terminal? Will I have to continue to pay Rogers for the HD access? Or do I pay basic cable? More Importantly, how would the setup look like in my case (Cable in from Wall, into Cable Terminal, into HTPC, into AVR, into TV ???)

Many thanks! :D

Update 30 minutes later...

Nevermind, I've answered my own question
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