Hitachi Develops New Brain-Scan Interface



Audioholics Robot
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Got this one from the Houston Chronicle... Apparently, Hitachi is tired of the remote control and plans to replace it will brain scanning technology. Before you get out your aluminum foil hats (and believe me, even I don't fully buy into this report) the technology seems to be less invasive than you would think...

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Audioholic Ninja
There are also video game companies trying to make the Wii obsolete by making a system that runs on this technology. The technology is pretty interesting but it seems as if it will be a while before it becomes something that is actually implemented for the average person.


Full Audioholic
Obviously there is a big difference between monitoring for brain activity in the frontal lobe which then activates the running-of-train process, and actually thinking "move train forward" and having a machine recognize this specific thought and do the corresponding action.

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