Hey, That's MY Zombie! Capcom Sued for Dead Rising



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According to a Reuters report this week, Capcom got sued on Monday for a possible violation of copyrights in their new game Dead Rising. MKR Group, who owns the rights to the horror movie George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead felt that the title was essentially a complete knockoff of the feature film. The principle shareholder of MKR is none other than Richard Rubinstein, producer of the 1979 classic zombie flick.

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Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer

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It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out. My initial thought from seeing article title was the game used the likenesses of the zombies in the film, not just a few similar concepts. Either way, I think it's still a good movie, a bit dated, but a great story.



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What I don't get is why they are just getting sued now if that is the case, Dead Rising came out.... August 8th 2006, just seems weird to me.

Edit: I guess it just takes this long to do anything in the legal system lol


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It is a fun game, but got boring pretty fast. Yes, while I was playing I was thinking "Dawn of the Dead" the whole time....

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