Heard of the PLAiR Streaming HDMI Stick?

Discussion in 'Home Theater PC (HTPC) & Media Servers' started by admin, May 3, 2013.

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    The PLAiR streaming HDMI stick looks promising as an AirPlay alternative, but with more and more licensing issues coming to light, we wonder if it's only a matter of time until it's blocked entirely by most providers. It also doesn't support Hulu or Netflix...

    Is it worth a $99 gamble? Though they differ in functionality, it seems like a Roku or AppleTV box might be stiffer competition for your dollars.


    Read more about the PLAiR Streaming HDMI Stick
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    In all fairness - is Roku even a competitor for this? I mean, when I stream content (Airplay!) it is typically my music to my system, not videos. I mean, for streaming online content to a video screen, there are other solutions out there which generally will be better, but the in-your-pocket control of your music as you walk around is a really nice feature of Airplay type devices. Bluetooth being another workable solution, if you happen to be in range. For the iOS folk, AppleTV works, makes sense, and is cheap... get it. I would not use this device if my primary goal was Netflix or Hulu - that's what Roku is for (or AppleTV again). This device has a different purpose, and I would consider it an alternative to Bluetooth. More reliable, greater range, and can carry video. Of course, the lack of any analog audio outputs (or way to get there) is a deal killer for me.
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    this device is just bizarre. i cannot see any market for it or why it was even put to market in the first place, for the shortcomings already listed.
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    I own one and can tell you this much you are missing the point. I can go to almost any website that I used to visit and now can play videos in HD on my TV. I own an Apple TV also and when I mirror the web page to watch the video it is pixelated looks horrible. I think the reason is because Apple laptops compress the stream and send it from the laptop to the TV.
    Netflix support would be great but I already have it with my DVD player. What I watch on Hulu is already available on plair's website.

    What I am missing is some sort of integration with music providers like Pandora, Spotify or Rdio.

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