Harman Kardon BDS 580 and 280 Blu-ray Systems Previewed

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    The Harman Kardon BDS units are full featured receiver/Blu-ray combo devices. The BDS 580 will run you $1099 while the BDS 280 is $510. Other than one having five amps and the other two, there are no differences between them. They have a Blu-ray drive and support 3D and ARC, one of their HDMI inputs is MHL compatible, they have a decent number of inputs, trigger in and out, subwoofer pre-out, and USB input. You can connect to your network wirelessly or via a wired connect. Basically, the BDS 580 is a full featured HTiB receiver/Blu-ray combo without the speakers. The two channel BDS 280 makes less sense as a home theater solution but it saves a considerable amount for those that don't care about surround sound.

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