Goodfellas SE DVD Flawed!!!!



i just picked up the SE of Goodfellas and sat down to watch it last night. Overall I was very impressed with the quality of the transfer and the sound. Both are much better that the original release.

I am extremely disappointed (PISSED) to find out that there is an obvious flaw in the source negative where there is a line down the center of the screen right over DiNero's face!!! This occurs at about 1:15 into the film where Paulie, and Jimmy are at Henry's girlfriends apartment telling Henry he has to go back to his wife. The line lasts 2-3 seconds. I pulled out my original and the line is there also. Anybody else notice this?

You would think that these studio people putting out a "Special 2 Disc Edition" could fix some obvious problem like that. Does anybody know if there is a number or an email that I can contact someone and complain?

This ain't funny,
I'm NOT a Clown,
Rip Van Woofer

Rip Van Woofer

Audioholic General
You want I should whack da guys responsible fer dis?

Don't blame you. One of the great flicks of the last 10 years at least, and you'd like to think they'd have more respect for it and the audience, and take the piddling amount of time and money to fix such an obvious defect. Wonder if Scorsese will have anything to say (or had anything to say) about the release.

I don't have the DVD. Just commiserating.

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