Golden Ear Triton 2 Towers and Super Center XL for Sale- downsized my listening area.



I have a pair of Golden Ear Triton 2 Towers - they have built in subwoofer amplifiers - 400 Watts each. cost me $5,500. Also the Super Center XL - cost me $1250. My new den is much smaller than my old family room. I need something something smaller (unfortunately). I will also relinquish my 2 Definitive Technology Dipoles that I use for rear/side channels - they were $300 each.
All for $3200. No haggling. Cash or Zelle - you will be able to audition them first. I have the boxes for the 3 Golden Ear speakers, but not the smaller Dipoles.
I live in Westlake, Florida. 33470. I will not ship these beauties. Email is

Also have a Carver M500T Stereo Power Amp that I used to drive the towers (it relieves the receiver from having to drive the fronts- which greatly increases the effective dynamic range of the whole system). I'll sett this for $500. Which is a steal. But I won't sell it until AFTER I sell the speakers.

Thank you guys.
Email is



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