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<font color='#000000'>I have been using Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v2s for a little over a year and have no real complaints.  As I have often said, the only thing missing is snob appeal...  The upgrade itch has hit me a while back and I am pondering three (four if you include the status quo) possibilities.  One is to buy a pair of Infinity Prelude MTS speakers, the second is to add a Paradigm Servo 15 to get the last bit of bass on organ music and such and, possibly, to improve the overall bass performance. The third possibility that I was thinking of was to go with the ITU multi-channel Standard and add an extra Reference Studio 100 v2 for the centre channel and a pair of Reference 80 v2s for the rears, with or without the Servo 15.  Money-wise the Preludes or the multichannel set-up are about even.  The one thing I think the Preludes have is reduced distortion from the use of the state of the art cone material.  Any thoughts?  Thanks.
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<font color='#000000'>Get the Servo 15. It's a great sub, and if you cross it in low enough it won't affect your Studio 100s' sound at all (except fill in the bottom octave, when needed, which is rarely). If you're fundamentally happy with your speakers, hang on to 'em and consider yourself blessed. As far as snob appeal goes, I fail to see how moving from Paradigm to Infinity would be an improvement. Not in 2003.</font>

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