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Death Stranding Director's Cut - this one is not for everyone. Slow, but very detailed and involving story. Less combat, more exploring. Probably my favorite game on PS5 so far, but I am a Hideo Kojima fan. Kojima games tend to come with some crazy ideas, but they are always very entertaining. A game about delivering packages in a post apocalyptic world? Sounds crazy right? It is strangely addictive and satisfying.
I'm about halfway through MGS-V Phantom Pain - my first Kojima game, but I must say I'm hooked.
It's full of crazy ideas. I'm looking forward to Death Stranding, but waiting for a better deal on it.
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Guys, hello! I have one question for you! Tomorrow I'm going to buy PS for the first time, and I need recommendations, which 2-3 games are worth playing. I Googled, and read good reviews about Watch Dogs, Red Dead Redemption, GTA 5 (classic), and Demon’s Souls. Have someone played them?
And maybe there are better and more interesting games.
I'd be happy to hear some recommendations.
Thanks in advance!
What type of game play do you like?
1. First person shooters
2. Role-playing RPG
3. Simulation and sports
4. Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
5. Action-adventure

Personally, I enjoy 5 & 2 most but also like 1 too.

Games I'm currently playing are
1. NMS (No man sky)
2. Cyberpunk 77
3. GOTG (Guardians of the galaxy)
4. Uncharted (this is a great game, Although old, start from the first and work through all of them. there's technically 5 games)
5. Last of us (AMAZING GAME) I beat both 1 & 2. Its a must in my opinion.

Hope this helps. Welcome to the PlayStation family :)

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