FS Odyssey Stratos HT-3 Three Channel Amp $500


Tom Cecc

Audioholic Intern
Not a lot of people know about Odyssey amps, but those who do, know they're great amps.
Original Owner for about 19 years
20 year transferrable warranty though not much left. Serial #2082 if you want to check warranty with Odyssey.
I don't have the original specs but the website lists them for present model. Pretty sure they're still close.
Class A/AB
3 x 150 Watts RMS
2 ohm load stable
It's been sitting unused for a couple years because I consolidated my system. I was going to put it back in now, but bought a Class D amp instead because I got tired of the heat.
Great sounding amp and all three channels still work. I can send videos of demos for each channel.
Prefer local pick-up in South Florida since I no longer have the box.



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