<font color='#000000'>I have no idea what I am lookin for.
, gentleman I have my speaker, have my Tv, getting Yamaha Receiver.
Which dvd/cd player do you reccommend? $300-400?
Soon as get this I will post my whole system in the correct forum.</font>
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<font color='#000080'>nd4040 - to get good advice, please let us know what models you have and what you are looking for. All we know from this is that you want a DVD player for $300 - 400. Which Yamaha receiver? What speakers? What kind of TV do you have - what is important to you (MP3 playback, DVD-A, SACD, etc...)</font>


<font color='#000000'>I am buying the
 * Rx-v2400 Yamaha Receiver (when I find out where to purchase)
&nbsp; I have
 * booze 901 fronts(2)/expendable (may replace)
 * Polk rm 6700 surrounds(4)/center(1)
 * JBL 12&quot; Subwoofer/Techniques 8&quot; sub
 * RCA 52 in HDTV
I have absolutly no idea what to look for DVD/CD buyin.
I like watching movies and listening to music.
I used to be a musician.
I dont have mp3, dont know what Sacd is. Know I have cd's and DVD's sorry.
Thanks Hawk</font>


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<font color='#0000FF'>At that range, there are some good DVD players from Pioneer like DVD-K366 and Yamaha's DVD-S540 which has excellent color performance.</font>
Rob Babcock

Rob Babcock

<font color='#000000'>I think, as a musician, you may want to know what SACD is, and DVD-A, too.  Along those lines, you may want to look at the Pioneer Elite DV-45A:  it's a nice DVD player that also does SACD/DVD-A &amp; MP3.  I paid $550, but that was a year ago.  They can now be found routinely for $350.  I love mine, great picture and super MC sound.

Pioneer makes a cheaper universal player, the DV-563A.  It plays both hi rez formats, as well as MP3, and adds the ability to play Windows Media, too.  I haven't used this machine, but my experience with the two Pioneers I own (the DV-45A &amp; a cheap DV-260-s that I use in my bedroom system) leads me to think the 563 is probably a nice machine.  Best of all, Audioadvisor.com is selling the DV-563A for $180!  If the audio is even close to my Elite, this will be a screaming bargain.

I've used other brands, including RCA, Panasonic, Technics, &amp; Denon:  they all make a good machine.  Right now I'd not want to spend a whole lot on a DVD player, due to changes in the wind (DVI, BluRay, etc).  I suggest getting a machine like the aforementioned DV-563A, enjoying it for a couple years, then maybe looking for a newer machine as things sort themselves out.

Just my 2 Cents worth.

Rob B</font>


<font color='#000000'>Thank you , your two cents is exactly what I was looking for..</font>

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