Father and Son Successfully Send iPhone Into Space



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I love my dad. But he never helped me send an iPhone into outer space. I got gypped. Time magazine published one of the coolest amateur science experiments we've ever heard of. A father-and-son team, and others from the “Brooklyn Space Program,†launched a weather balloon into the stratosphere along with an HD video camera that captured virtually the entire flight. The team placed some hand-warmers inside a specially built insulated capsule that held the camera and an iPhone, which, through its GPS capabilities, allowed the team to track it down once it landed.

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"To everyone's amazement, the camera landed just 30 miles away after flying over 90,000 miles straight up into near-outer space and enduring 100 mph winds before bursting its balloon and sailing home with a parachute."

Perhaps you meant 90,000 feet straight up, not 90,000 miles straight up. 90,000 miles would have been about halfway to the moon from earth.

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