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In what appears to be an effort to be completely un-searchable on Google, Energy has released their Power Bar Soundbar. Yeah, search for Energy Power Bar and see how many speakers pop up. As you may be aware, there are two types of bar speakers - soundbars and surroundbars. The surroundbars try to simulate a full 5.1 speaker setup with a single speaker. A Soundbar, like the new Energy Power Bar, is only attempting to provide an improved two-channel experience. While both have their place, we tend to prefer the more attainable goal of the Soundbar solutions. When they come with a wireless subwoofer, we are all the more intrigued.

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I for the 1st time just seen this Energy Power Bar Soundbar @ my local frys. They had a ton of them for sale, but of course none opened up for demo.

So anyone here own one in their home? if so, is it worth the $399 price tag or is there something better (brand) in Soundbar / Subwoofer combo?
Needing something for our bedroom little surround / bass going. I don't want a HTIB or separates. Something simple and clean.

Oh btw... I did hear the JBL soundbar, but it cost like $599 and the subwoofer looks ugly, but did sound very nice (for a soundbar / sub).


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