Emotiva Halloween Specials - Don't Miss Out!



Audioholics Robot
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Are you looking to treat yourself to something sweet that won't rot your teeth this Halloween? Emotiva is offering their biggest savings of the year this holiday season. Emotiva’s Halloween deals are downright scary and we suggest you get your Halloween fix now before time runs out. They are offering special pricing on every item with discounts up to $200 off of the regular price for the DMC-1 Audio-Video Processor, the MMC-1 Audio-Video Processor and the IPS-1 Seven Channel Power Amplifier. The DMR-1 Preamp/Processor/Amp price is dramatically reduced to $999.00! This represents a 50% saving from its original price pf $1999. Great values on great performing gear is the treat Emotiva is delivering this holiday season. Missing a deal like this will certainly haunt you if you’re looking for a great upgrade path that doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg to get into. Offer expires October 31st, 2007 and supplies are limited.

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