EMI Launches DRM-free Music on iTunes



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According to a Reuters report today, EMI has apparently taken Steve Jobs' advice to heart and is now offering nearly its entire music catalogue for sale without DRM protection. What?!? Yes, it's April 2nd folks, and unless some jokester at EMI is looking at a Jewish calendar, EMI is taking a huge step towards applying common sense to its business model.

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Audioholic Ninja
It's the logical thing to do, I bet there's a lot hand wrangling going on today at other music execs offices. EMI might just be the one to turn around the floundering music industry. Now if they only start recording and releasing material that's worth buying!;) :D :D Well, at least it's a start.


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If I can download cd quality or better, I will soon become a regular iTunes user. As of now, I only download books from audible and my wife uses iTunes.

Clint, this is one time it would be good to eat some crow ehh?

Here it is from Apple. Sadly only 256 kbps AAC. Not good enough:(


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