<font color='#000000'>Ok.. here's the setup..

i have a Pioneer SD533 widescreen TV
i also have a Pioneer DV-655A (same as 656A w/o DVD-Aud and SACD)..

My stereo system is going to be Yamaha RX-V1400 with Klipsch synergy speakers (maybe on the speakers)..

How do i need to hook up the DVD and TV? &nbsp;Should i be using the 2 channel sound out or get a digital out?

I'm not real familiar with stereo terminology.. so bare with me on that..

thanks for any help..



Senior Audioholic
<font color='#000000'>The RXV1400 is a multi-channel receiver and should accomodate the DVD. &nbsp;I suggest you connect the DVD's digital output, either opitcal or coaxial, to the receiver's digital input. &nbsp;If you have no other video sources, like VHS or another DVD player, you could connect the DVD player's video output directly to the TV via the s-video or component (Y Cr Cb) terminals. &nbsp;The latter requires 3 identicallly constructed and sized 75-ohm coax cables usually color coded yellow, green and blue. &nbsp;Check with Radio Shack for component video cables. &nbsp;Alternatively, you can connect the TV to the receiver's monitor output, also via component or s-video. &nbsp;This way, you can control your receiver via the remote and OSD or On Screen Menu which is displayed over whatever is on the TV. Hope this helps.</font>

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