DVD-Audio to receiver



<font color='#000000'>I recently purchased a Pioneer DVD-Audio/Video player -- the DV-656a, to be precise. I'm all set up, and things sound good. (Though I'll quickly digress to note one exception: Despite the player's claim to handle bass management, the bottom end is still too thin for my taste.)

But something is gnawing at the back of my brain.

Obviously, the DVD-A information is decoded inside the player and sent via six analog lines to the receiver. So far so good. But I've read caveats in various places about avoiding receivers that &quot;redigitize&quot; everything that comes in, including signals through the 5.1 analog inputs. I've read, in fact, that &quot;most&quot; receivers do this.

This, of course, would be no good, since it compromises the signal sent by the player and defeats the whole point of DVD-Audio fidelity. Thus the question: How do you know if your receiver does this redigitization? Is there a clue somewhere on the specs sheet?

My receiver is a Philips FR975, in case anyone's got specific info.

Thanks a bunch!

(This is my inaugural post here. If I've directed this to the wrong forum, please pardon me if I end up reposting this in another one.)</font>

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