DVD Audio & SACD - The Royal Scam Part II

Clint DeBoer

Clint DeBoer

<font color='#000000'>It has been some time since I wrote the controversial, but much needed article titled, &quot;DVD Audio &amp; SACD The Royal Scam&quot;.

I did not write this article to bash new technologies, nor to be a non-supporter of technological progress. I wrote this article to educate the public about the shortcomings of these new technologies, which are mostly implementation related due to the greedy Record Industry and bureaucratic Standards Bodies (i.e. DVD AWG).

If you recall from this articles predecessor, the three major issues with DVD-A and SACD are:

1) No bass Management.
2) No Digital Output for High Resolution Signal.
3) Limited Software.

In addition to the above mentioned issues, I have discovered a few new ones:

4) No speaker Channel Delay Adjustments.
5) No Channel Volume Level Adjustments (most players).
6) Alternate Menu Configurations to Select DVD-A Analog Output or DD Bitstream Output for DVD-V (applies only to DVD-A players).
7) Audio Watermarking May Kill Resolution.



Junior Audioholic
<font color='#000000'>As I have posted elsewhere, the only, seemingly conscious, thing about the Rolling Stones releases, is that they seem to make a point, about concealing the SACD logo.

For the casual purchaser, it's a turnoff, should he/she have a problem playing it back on some players, as there seems to be a compatability problem, especially with some PC's and DVD players.

I can see why they would do it...as the purchaser would think twice about picking it up, thinking it required some special player. Kind of a smarmy trick, but hey, it's ABKCO, right ?</font>

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