DVD-A, SACD,....now there's "Dual Disc"

Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck

Anyone heard these yet? I see some very good titles on popular music...especially AC/DC Back In Black. Looks like a Sony venture. Maybe the death of SACD?? Apparantly one side is a CD, other side a DVD...some are in 5.1, some not (like AC/DC unfortunately).


I've used a few of these and from what I've seen they're NG (no good). The problem with them, is that they seem to either be cheaply made, or else they haven't really refined the process of making them yet. The actual physical dimensions of the discs are out of spec (the "CD" spec) so a lot of players don't like them. Stick them in your computer and you'll get mixed results. They seem like a really cool idea, but don't seem to work all that well yet. Hopefully they'll improve the process and these will become a reliable option.


Audioholic General
Look how long the others have been out and what we have to choose from. Not much and its still hit and miss on the mixing.


I agree with Cochese. They are for the most part garbage. I have several titles and and only one or two acutually have a true DVD-A high resolution surround mix. Most of them are either enhanced stereo or Dolby Digital on the DVD side.

None of them will play the CD layer in my Integra DPC 8.5.
Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck

I ordered AC DC Back in Black from Amazon.ca..$16.99 (in addition to Metallica DVD A)......I love that album...have had it on LP, Cassette, CD, Remastered CD, now I will try the Dualdisc just out of curiosity!! Thanks for the opinions.

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