Dual SVS PB 3000 subs calibration tutorial + Audyssey




I received two SVS PB 3000 subs and will be intalling them tomorrow.

Can you please recommend the best and easiest to follow tutorial available online for the set-up and calibration?

I have a Denon AVR and will be also using the Audyssey app.

I don't have REW software nor a mini DSP and do not know how to use these anyway.

Thanks in advance!


Audioholic Overlord
Just run Audyssey using the editor app. I usually have to go in after and change my speakers to "small" and change the crossovers to 80 hz. Denon and Marantz don't seem to like telling folks their speakers are small for some reason.

When I take my time and use all 8 positions and carefully follow the recommended pattern Audyssey gets me really close. I do use the app to tweak further, but based on measurements using rew sweeps and a calibrated mic. Without measurements you're just guessing and it's hard to tell where to apply adjustments. REW is free and a umik mic will cost you around 90 bucks.

That said, Audyssey by itself does get me really close. How you run setup makes a difference too. Low background noise, follow the pattern, no more than 2' from the first position, mic at ear height and I get good results.


Audioholic Overlord
Oh, after you run Audyssey using the app you need to upload the file to your receiver. The calibration file is saved on your device, not the avr.

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