Dont really know what im doin



k, I have these speakers (2 of each):

Im gonna build towers for them.

1) will they work well together?

2) I want to get a stereo receiver to power them but how do i know what the max watts each tower will be able to handle is?

3) does a crossover affect how much power gets to each speaker (does it split the power)?

4)how does the fact that theyre 8 ohm speakers affect the watts?

basically i think im confused about watts and ohms (and some other stuff im sure).

i appoligize if any of these questions dont really make sense.
any info or help you can offer will be greatly appriciated.


Building Speaker Towers???

Quite frankly, the project you are describing, with your present knowledge, is really quite a bit above your capabilities. You don't just build a box and put speakers in it. If I were you, I would buy a book on speaker building.


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I would agree with ruadmaa.

You really need to spend time to find out what would make a good box design and crossover. You are looking at a 3way design which is much harder than say a 2way.

To answer the power handling issue, most speakers can handle more power than most recievers can deal. Most speakers are blown from amp clipping, not from over driving the speakers. It is usually safer to have a amp rating far higher than the speakers since you run less of a risk clipping. Bottom line make sure you have a good amp and do not clip the signal. Forget about power requirements on the speakers.

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