Do I need a dolby atmos soundbar if I have a dolby atmos tv?



I have Sony XH90 tv which does have support for Dolby Atmos in itself and as well as eArc HDMI port. If I get a soundbar that is NOT dolby atmos would I be loosing the benefits of Atmos?

Would also appreciate some suggestions what soundbar I can get for my needs. I am interested in the best sound.... I don't like to spend extra money to have silly features like Google Alexa and this sort of stuff.

Thank you in advance
William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

Audioholic Warlord
In short yes. You will lose all benefits of Atmos.
But also. What are your expectations of Atmos performance from a soundbar? Set up correctly takes at least five speakers at ear height, plus a minimum of two on/in ceiling or at least in a “height” location high on the front wall, or side walls. Imo, Atmos from a soundbar is dubious at best. And from what I understand eARC can only pass Atmos in a lossy form.
For the money you’ll spend on a decent soundbar, you could easily invest in a nice 2.1 system, or a budging surround system. Keep I mind too that the “subwoofers” that come with soundbars are not good.
If you really need a more minimalist look, it seems yamaha makes a “decent” soundbar.
You should know, not many here are fans of the soundbar, so you might not get much traction, but there definitely are some.
Good luck.

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