DLP SXGA+ Resolution Announced by Texas Instruments

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    Texas Instruments announced a new DLP SXGA+ offering at Infocomm, providing customers a 1400 x 1050 resolution, the highest single-chip resolution available for the projector market today. Offering high brightness and contrast ratios, DLP SXGA+ technology is optimized for the growing high-resolution requirements of business, medical and military markets, as well as fixed installations and large conference room settings. The inherent advantage of the single-chip DLP™ architecture assures no misalignment over time, ensuring consistent, sharp images. Lars Yoder, Business Manager, TI DLP™ Business Products had this to say:

    “We saw a need to serve the growing needs of the AV industry, as well as to provide the PC community with the ability to project in native high resolution. The unique advantages of DLP technology, including high contrast and brightness, precision alignment, and high reliability, make it a natural fit for these markets and applications.”

    We're still researching why this new chip is being targeted towards business clients. Hopefully TI will shed some light on its manufacturing partners' plans to integrate higher resolution chips into their home theater and ciname products later this year.

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