Disney Releases Portable and Stylish Electronics for Kids

<A href="http://www.audioholics.com/news/pressreleases/DisneyPortableElectronicsforKids.php"><IMG style="WIDTH: 75px; HEIGHT: 100px" alt=[cinderellatvdvdstacked1] hspace=10 src="http://www.audioholics.com/news/thumbs/cinderellatvdvdstacked1_th.jpg" align=left border=0></A>Consumer electronics will likely once again top kids' wish lists this&nbsp;Christmas season. The new line of electronics from Disney, including wearable digital cameras and karaoke machines,&nbsp;are creative and designed to&nbsp;help develop a child's artistic talent. Disney aims to keep them entertained for hours with new personal DVD players and MP3 players and add a personal touch to their rooms with new Disney-themed TVs and DVD players. The new line of kid-friendly products features Disney-themed designs for boys and girls and is durably built and ergonomically designed for use with smaller hands.&nbsp;We include&nbsp;a list of the new&nbsp;hot "must-have" items this holiday season from Disney Electronics.

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Great idea, this will sell like hell. However I would not overestimate a design "to help develop a child's artistic talent". I am sure some kids will love themed mp3 players anyway, but parents should talk and play with their kids, "cool" gadgetry will not do that job.
I mean it is all about keeping your kid busy for another hour or so without bothering mum and dad. That's why it will sell like hell...

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