DirecTV and Comcast in Lawsuit Over Ads



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DirecTV has been running ads that claim consumers and home-theater installers prefer the quality of satellite's high-definition TV over that of cable. Comcast didn't like it, and a federal judge in Illinois ordered DirecTV to stop airing them. This is turning into a marketing rights battle with the nations' largest players in each respective market taking part.

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I have yet to see a cable installation that could match the video quality of satellite, and I have seen a lot of them.


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It's tit-for-tat between cable and satellite companies.

Time Warner used to run ads that showed a family trying to watch a movie and as soon as the weather turned bad the satellite signal went out. Many of you may have seen the ad where the guy meets the girl that just moved in next door and then he is out on the roof messing with the satellite dish as she is undressing near an open window. She notices and freaks out and he says 'No (meaning he is not a peeping-tom)...I just want my TV to work'.

The funny thing is though, sometimes when you call TW to report a cable outage they say they are aware of it - and blame it on the weather!

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