Dirac - How to do a stereo measurement in a multi channel setup.



I have an NAD T778 and (had) a multi channel Dirac measurement in slot 1.

Now I have done a stereo measurement wih just my front speakers in the NAD configuration.

The problem is that when I upload this to the NAD slot 2, slot 1 is empty. And when I changed my configuration back to multi channel and uploaded the multi channel measurement to slot 1 the stereo measurement in slot 2 was gone.

Trying to add the stereo measurement than resulted in the message that it could not be done because the configuration in the NAD was different.

I am confused! How can I not add two measurements to the NAD just because the configuration is different?

I am planning to listen to stereo with the stereo measurement and see movies with the multi channel measurement. So a different configuration makes sence.

Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?
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