Dilemma: PSB T65 or B&W 604 S3




I spent last weekend auditioning a bunch of speakers, price range approx. at $1K, and am down to these final two. They are at two seperate dealers so I cannot do an immediate A/B comparison. The one place allows a 30 day no question ask refund while the PSB's don't. I will be running them off of an RX-V1400 and will be in a 12'x15'x8' room that is open to a kitchen that is a little bit longer and a little bit wider. They will be used for both music (me) and tv and movies (mostly wife but also me when she is home). The dilemma is the B&W's are on a special sale tonight only due to the stores annual special sale thingy which brings their price down to my range.

I had auditioned the Energy C9's which I liked (look cool tool, too) but due to the small room and the rear port, it just isn't feasible. I did not get a chance to go audition the Paradigms due to the distance drive I would have to make. The Dynaudio's were way out of my league just like the Gallo III (sweeeeeet) and the JM Labs. I also auditioned the lower end Meadowlark and Totem.

Aaaaaggghhhh, it's driving me crazy. Yeah, I know, it is what sounds better to my ears but I still need help with opinions.

Gotta admit, this site is great.


I have to admit having owned PSB and B&W, the B&W wins in my book. Currently I have the Image 4T fronts 8C center and 3LR rears (which are all for sale by the way). I will be going with B&W pretty quickly. (I have a pair of the Signature 7SE inwall speakers which I made enclosures for. They sound wonderful.) I plan on the LCR 60 center, 602 S3 fronts, 601 S3 surrounds, and 601 S3 surround back. I think that the B&W offers more detail and transparency over the PSB. The PSB does have a slight edge in bass though. But, that is why I have sub. :)


Thanks Annunaki,

That was my real thoughts on the bass. I was looking at the PSB T65's. I will most likely purchase the B&W tonight and have all sorts of reminders pop up in about 27 days so if I need to return them it won't be a problem. I will keep going back (unfortunately annoying the hell out that poor salesman) to re-audition the T65's until I can really make up my mind. I listen to everything from some classical all the way up to heavy metal.

Unfortunately, I know have 3 of the most expensive hobbies: Astronomy, aviation and now audiophilia. Help, I think my wife is going to kill me.



So how much were the 604's and are you happy with them in your home. What other speakers did you get or just the mains. I was looking at the Paradigm's(Studio 60)and then the PSB's (T65's) as they are fairly close in price with the PSB's a little lower in price. From what i've seen, the B&W's have been out of my price range.


They were down to $617 each (604S3), I asked if this was the best they could do and they said they couldn't drop the price any more. They did offer the matching center (LCR something or other) for $99 since it was their used demo that had a few scrapes and a chipped corner. This turned out to be a couple of hundred over budget but oh well. How many times does a spouse stay within budget? New shoes, new clothes, jewelry and what have you. In the long run she will enjoy them as much as me considering she loves tv and movies. I have 30 days to return each one no questions asked within 29 days now.

On Saturday, if we don't get too much snow, I will re-demo the PSB T65's. My original budget was for the Axiom M60's.


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I'm a little late, but you have made the right decesion. IMO :D

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