Denon DHT-487DV Home Theater In A Box Review



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With the DHT-487DV, Denon takes a different approach to the home theater in-a-box segment. While most manufacturers cram amps, processor, DVD/CD players and tuners into one chassis and then add chintzy speakers and lame subwoofer to the package, Denon has chosen to offer a full-featured AV receiver and a standalone DVD player bundled with 5 speakers and a powered subwoofer for their offering. So who exactly is this product geared toward?

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There are a lot of buyers out there that are purchasing HTIB's and I am sure Denon's market research has identified this as a very big market. Several other upper end manufacturers are responding similarly to try and capture a part of this very lucrative market.

Here is a link from an interview with Michael Klipsch with similar visions.

I think it is a good thing as long as manufactuers like Denon continue to provide upper end products, as well.


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That's a great point - Denon is in no way watering down their core business, rather they are offering entry level consumers an alternative to chintzy products.

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