Denon AH-C820 In-Ear Headphones Review



Junior Audioholic
A few days back I got myself a pair of Denon Earbuds, which cost me around $122 (AED 448)
What I found is they have a very strong sound for an earbud and they can get insanely loud beating the seinheisser. This loudness helps while you're doing your workouts or just walking outside across the streets or in a noisy environment where music is your biggest priority.
It has both advantages & disadvantages:
- No distortion even at loud volumes.
- Music separation is quite phenomenal especially on rock music.
- Powerful loud sound.
- Quality remains even on loud volumes (Depending on your device)
- Tangle free

- Continuous listening might be fatiguing
- Slightly sharp treble & mids
- Insanely loud which means it can damage your Ears.

Bottom Line:
I found this earphone to be very nice when listening to my favourite tracks through the HTC 10 which I own. The only thing which I didn't like is that this earbud gets sharper on the Highs when you increase the volume , say 70-80% which can unbearable.
But I can say one thing for sure, that this earbud is superior to the Seinheisser CX 3.0 that I own.
Model: Denon C820
Frequency Range: 4-40000 (HZ)
Sensitivity: 115 dB/mW


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