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Parts Express and Dayton Audio are once again commencing their exciting annual Dayton DIY speaker building contest! Experience some of the most innovative and creative speaker designs from DIY enthusiasts from around the world. The Dayton DIY contest will take place at the Holiday Inn Express in Springboro, OH (just south of Dayton) on Saturday July 11th from 10-5:30 PM. Last year project submissions came from as far away as Japan! Make sure to stop in for the opportunity to see these showcased designs as they are judged by the DIY community and a panel of judges.

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I expect to see WmAx attending this...


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If Dayton, Ohio is too far, and you're on the east coast, there is another less formal DIY get together hosted by Dennis Murphy in Maryland just outside DC.

See his announcement here. Saturday July 18, starting at 10 am.

It won't feature a contest, but any and all DIY speakers are welcome. Dennis will feature several Salk designs (or more correctly, the prototypes for them) including the new yet-to-be named HT4 model. His HT4 prototypes are in unfinished MDF, so expect to be audibly dazzled but not visually :).


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This competition sounds cool. Are there any DIY events in the west? Seems like I'm all alone out here in Idaho.

I might have to plan ahead and hit one of these DIY events sometime.


I think I am going to go with my second gen TL. 12 hour drive is not that bad.
How's food over there?

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