DALI Mentor 1 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Review



Audioholics Robot
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The DALI Mentor 1 is a fine sounding speaker system in a neat little package. They are best suited for small to medium sized rooms and highly recommended to be utilized with a dedicated subwoofer. The tweeter array in the Mentor 1’s is exceptionally good, never sounding compressed or strained. If what you are after is a compact, attractive, well-built speaker system that will reveal all of the subtleties of your recordings, then the DALI Mentor 1’s should be added to your auditioning shortlist. They score big in the WAF department, play nicely with virtually any decent amplifier or receiver on the market, and will likely impress any audiophile with their excellent imaging and 3D spatiality. So do your best to pair them with good electronics, an acoustically neutral listening room, and quality source material and be prepared to be rewarded with a level of detail and transparency not typically found in many competitor speaker systems.

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