Da-Lite's Da-Lift Pivot Motorized Projector Lift



Audioholics Robot
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Da-Lite's new Da-Lift Pivot motorized projector lift is engineered with a fixed pivot point that drops a projector down from a hidden drywall or drop-ceiling location. Because of its precision design, the Da-Lift Pivot insures proper alignment during and after installation. The Pivot comes complete with an Advance UPM-1 Universal Projector mount and a unique internally mounted low voltage control unit with switch to make installation adjustments easy.

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Audioholic Warlord
There are like 20 or 30 different projector lifts out on the market - I'm really confused as to why this one is newsworthy.


Once again we have a mount which does not fit between residential standard floor joist spacing, so it can't go into any theater unless it uses a drop ceiling or has oversized spacing between joists for some reason.

Really, lifts are super cool - but it would be great to see an actual review about a product designed to fit the homes that 99% of us actually live in.

For the other 1% this is just one of dozens of other solutions which have been around for over 10 years - just done a bit differently.

Color me really unexcited.

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