custom tuned sub - can use with any speakers?



I own a sub which came as part of a speaker package many years ago. The sub is a really good one and I would like to use it with new speakers (which I'm considering), as the speakers I have are smaller ones (really good though). I'm thinking about buying larger ones (bookshelves or towers). With the sub it was engineered to work seamlessly with the small speakers. The manufacturer preset the crossover (I think at 100Hz), and that cannot be changed, as there is no crossover control or gain control on the sub. The only dial on the sub is for the volume level. Would I still be able to use this sub with other speakers, or is it only designed to work solely with the speakers I have? If I can use it elsewhere, how would I go about it (would I have to change settings in my receiver)?



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What makes your unnamed sub "really good"? Compared to what? Most subs with speaker packages are pretty much crap, tho.

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