Creative T7900 (7.1) - 'Center' not working. All others fine

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    Creative T7900 (7.1) - 'Center' not working. All others fine


    A very strange problem with my Creative T7900. The center channel is not producing any sound. All the other channels are working fine.

    Here is all testing I did-

    I tested the audio source by swapping jacks and inputs are fine. There is sound being passed through from all the channels of PC.
    I tested the connected audio cables. All cables are good.
    I tested the Center speaker by swapping channel with it. The speaker works fine and not faulty.
    I tested the speaker jack(on subwoofer). The jack is fine because it plays audio when other channels are played through it.
    I tested Realtek and Win 7 utilitiy to check all channels. When I play just the 'center' channel, no sound is heard.

    There is a strange 'hiss' from the center speaker when all others are playing audio. So I am sure it is connected but not playing any audio.

    I am unable to find any solution. I tested that the sound is being passed from PC to Subwoofer, and that the Center is well connected to the jack. Just that the subwoofer is not passing the center audio signal.

    Here is system config-
    Win 7 64 bit
    AMD processor
    8 GB RAM
    Gigabyte 970 DS3 motherboard
    Onboard Realtek HD audio capable of 7.1

    Please suggest.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    You've done some great troubleshooting. There is one thing that I didn't see mentioned, and that's the software setup of the speakers in your control panel. In Windows 7, after you've set up your speakers for surround sound, you can select to not use some of them. So, in Windows 7 > Control Panel > Sound, go into your speaker setup and make sure that the center channel is selected for use. There will be check boxes next to the speakers, and just make sure that the center channel is checked.

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