Connecting Polk React Sub to Danon AVR-760H



Hi there!
Anybody knows if its even possible to connect wirelessly Polk React Sub to Danon AVR-760H?
I'd appreciate valuable opinions.


Audioholic Warlord
All signs point to no.

There is nothing in the literature or website that shows a separate wireless transmitter from Polk which can be paired to this subwoofer to allow it to work with a standard AV receiver like the Denon.

I would still reach out to Polk to see if they have something more to offer you in terms of this question, or if you recently bought the subwoofer, I would return it, or resell it to someone who may be able to put it to actual use. There may be a wireless transmitter that works with it, but it isn't indicated on the product page, which makes me think you aren't able to do so. But, give them a call at 800-377-7655 to confirm.

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