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Commodore USA, the computer company permanently trapped in the 80s, will be rolling out its latest device known as the Commodore PC64. The new retro PC will apparently be powered by an Intel Atom processor and support up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, and a SATA 1TB hard drive. We're not sure what the defaults will be, but there is some configuration possible. The all-in-one-minus-display includes an HDMI output allow people to play Pong on their TVs... just kidding... There is also a side-mounted optical drive that you can configure as a read/write DVD/CD or Blu-ray. This PC defined nostalgia and retro with its OEM beige Commodore case and hidden peripherals.

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Ah man. This brings back memories. There was a time when computing was fun. We had competing platforms (Atari, Apple, Dos, Commodore, etc). Software were plentiful and priced well. Gaming on the C64 was awesome. I actually learned how to program when I was a kid (the manual actually taught you basic programming).
All in all I would not buy this new machine. Those day are gone, I'm a slave to windows (all hail master Gates). I don't program anymore (want something done, have someone else write the program, download it (open source) or just Bitxxxxxx it:D - just kidding I don't steal.


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O my gawd....a Commodore? It's interesting, but why? I recall suffering with them way back when. I hope they keep the blocky characters, cassette drive and crude graphics, but really...why?


O my gawd....a Commodore? It's interesting, but why? I recall suffering with them way back when.
Suffer in what way? They were great systems in the 80's and for a good part of that decade there wasn't another system that could compete with them in both sound and graphics.

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