Comcast to Offer 800 HD Channels? Not.



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In response to the DirecTV announcement that it will have 100 HD channels by 2008, Comcast has retorted that it will have 400 "channels" in HD by 2008, and 800 by end of that year. While this all sounds like a fantastic opportunity for consumers to benefit from corporate competition it's important to understand that certain "definitions" are being changed on the part of Comcast in order to show that they can compete in this arena of emerging high definition programming.

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Sounds to me like comcast is using the very sleazy tactic of taking advantage of consumers who know little to nothing about high definition. As seen by previous articles the majority of consumers have high def sets but do not even realize they are still receiving standard def. Looks like comcast is just trying to swing those people in their favor by boosting their numbers etc...

There should just be PSA's on TV to teach all these people, then problems like this wouldn't arise.


What's the difference?

I have Comcast digital HD cable and I love it. Why does it matter if you have one (HD OnDemand) or a zillion dedicated channels, you can only watch one at a time. With Comcast I choose what I want when I want. Channels just become catagories. If Comcast can deliver on one channel what a dish can do with 50+, who cares as long as you are getting a quality feed?


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F Comcast man. I hate them with a passion! We're paying about $80 a month for digital HD cable with a DVR. There's only about 20 HD channels from them right now, so we're EXTREMELY limited in the amount of HD content we can watch. Plus I swear they raise their rates every year!!

As soon as we move out of our condo and get a real house, I'm dumping their *** as fast as I can!!!

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