coaxial Digital Outputs to 3.5mm stereo plug



<font color='#000000'>how to connect &quot;Coaxial Digital Outputs&quot; to 3.5 mm stereo plug

i want to connect my zenith dvd player that has 5.1 channel output with coaxial digital output
and i have altec lansing 251 speaker system that is made for computer and has three green ,black and yellow 3.5mm stereo plugs,
so how can i connect this stereo plugs to coaxial digital outputs so that i can get 6 channel sound from altec 251 ...

or any way how can get the 5.1 output from altec 251 from dvd player?
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<font color='#000000'>To connect coaxial digital to your Altec lansing 251 is not really possible. The coaxial connection out of your DVD is a digital signal whereas your speaker inputs are 3.5mm analogue stereo pin plug. Not sure what model your DVD player is but I'd be very careful hooking up PC speakers to a DVD player or amp. The ohm rating on your PC speakers will be very different to normal HiFi speakers. I assume you have not got 5.1 HiFi speakers or a digital amp so to get your 5.1, I'd get the PowerDVD program for your PC (Which decodes DTS and 5.1 very well) and play your DVD's thru your DVD-ROM with your 251's hooked up. BLIZZ</font>

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