Cineworld Going Bankrupt?



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Uh oh, the worlds second larget cinema chain may file for bankruptcy, better get ready for a LOT more interest in HOME theater:


Horse Whisperer was playing the last time I went to a cinema.
I confess it was all my fault. LOL
Shooting on the big screen.
Shooting watching the big screen. :)

Live action vs Big Screen. You have to wear a vest to the movie you don't at home, (usually).


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The last time I went to a movie theater it was to watch Red Tails with a small group of friends. I had to go out to the lobby to get a napkin which I tore up and stuffed in my ears to protect myself from ear damage. To say the audio was too loud was an understatement. I believe that was in 2012. To be honest I wouldn't go to a movie theater if it were free. Home theater is the way to go.


Seriously, I have no life.
When we go for the even gigger screen experience ;) we have taken earplugs with us just in case.
Waiting for BD for some good movies just doesn't hack it. :D


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It is kind of nice to go to the theater and there aren't a ton of people there causing distractions. Hell, when I went to Bullet Train, the guys in front of me appeared to be recording it. I told the theater about it after the fact and they said "we can't really do anything about it" WTF? I don't go as often as before though for sure. The downside obviously is that I know that means the theater isn't making as much money. They should LOWER matinee prices to get people to come back or offer other perks. One location here offers a cheap hotdog+drink deal during Sunday matinee and you don't need to be a member of anything to get it.

I think all theater chains will be in trouble soon, regardless of virus fears.


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My popcorn is a lot cheaper at home ...........

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