Choosing the right speakers?



<font color='#000000'>I am in the market for some new tower speakers. &nbsp;I have a Luxman LV-117 Stereo Amplifier. &nbsp;I received the the amp from an old boss saying if I could fix it, I could have it. &nbsp;Which I did. &nbsp;With all this I don't have a manual so I don't know what my output is for the amp. &nbsp;I am looking for few suggestions on some good speakers that I could purchase to replace the JBL 120Ti that are going bad (I purchased these from the same boss). &nbsp;I am looking to spend around $500 on new speakers. &nbsp;I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Note: I am not up on all the stereo lingo so if you could give me explanations in laymans terms, I would be extremely happy.</font>


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<font color='#0000FF'>For $550 you can get the excellent Magnepans with very accurate sound.</font>

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