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Discussion in 'Loudspeakers' started by antiflux, Dec 8, 2003.

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    Dec 8, 2003
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    <font color='#000000'>hello there audioholics, i'm looking at buying 2 loudspeakers and a receiver. i've been looking closely at the cerwin vega v10f speakers (http://www.cerwinvega.com/products/homeaudiovideo/vseries/v_frameset_center_10f.html) can anyone tell me anything about cerwin vega (performance and reliability wise) or possibly name a few other speakers that would match these?

    also what would be a good yamaha receiver to match with these speakers (that would also allow for future upgrade to 6.1 surround)?

    my budget is $1500 CDN for speakers + receiver

    i plan on adding surround sound within a few years, but for now these will mainly be used for music purposes (mostly hiphop and drum and bass music).</font>
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    May 1, 2003
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    <font color='#000000'>I recently bought a pair of Cerwin-Vega V-5m for my computer, and they seem to be quality units so far.  The cabinets are almost solid when rapping my knuckles on them.

    These particular ones have a 5.25&quot; woofer and a poly tweeter.  Power handling is very good. The frequency response has some midrange peaks (found this out through equalizing it out since it was making my head hurt), but for a $50 set of speakers I was expecting a bit worse, especially considering I am using them for near-field listening.

    Cerwin-Vega since they first started making speakers has had a reputation for power handling and volume.  From my experience with their car audio and now their home audio I like their smaller speakers (for car their separates) for their good price to performance ratio, but I have yet to like any of their subwoofers.

    Just give those V10f speakers a listen, then go look at a similar product.  Just make sure you give at least 4 or 5 speaker sets a good listening to so you have more to compare against.


    I now have had them for almost a month now, and I've since adedd a Yamaha YST-SW215 subwoofer to it. &nbsp;The reciever is a Yamaha RX-V430. &nbsp;I'm still tuning the sub to my tastes, which is hard when you have no SPL meter or any RTA setup of any kind. &nbsp;The end result is still downright awesome for anyone looking for some nice PC sound system.</font>

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