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For years, Cerwin-Vega! has been known as a company that produces LOUD speakers (they seem to harbor this thought with their tagline "The LOUD Speaker Company"). The slim profile CVHD 5.1 system and hi-tech looks complement many decors and more importantly the expectations of what home theater speakers should look like in many consumers' minds. For $1000, there are a lot of speaker sets out there that are better (but probably don't have as good a sub) but I've seen this set on sale online for as little as $550. For $550, they are a very good deal. The sub is going to destroy any HTiB "bass module" it comes across and you can pump enough sound through the satellites to fill a large room without frying your amp. While they have their limitations, for the right person, at the right price, they could be the right set.

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Hello to all and some comments re Cerwin Vega CVHD Speakers

I was most interested in your review of the Cerwin Vega CVHD 5.1 speakers and would have agreed entirely with the reviewer if I had not returned the first set I received for another. I had the same experience he did, some noise from the sub-woofer and the satellites and worse, the sub kept cutting off and would not turn on again. Upon calling CV tech support, and they were most helpful, they determined that there was a short and they suggested either I could return the speakers to the dealer for a swap out or they would fix the electronics in the subwoofer at no charge if I removed same and sent it in. Either solution was acceptable and I contacted the seller who suggested that I send the speakers back. I did so and upon receiving the new ones today, I hooked them up and after several hours, I am amazed that the sound is not even close to that which it was with the first set. It is clearly superior. Perhaps the reviewer should obtain another set without the hum and retest the speakers. They might well do better. I believe that at street price, they do represent quite a value!
So there seems to be a some sort of quality control issue as well then. That should certainly be noted - this thread should do.


RE Cerwin Vega Tech Support

You are certainly right. I has been rare in the forty or so years that I have been listening to components that a manufacturer has been so forthcoming and immediately willing to offer solutions to my problems as was Cerwin Vega. They were willing to work with me in any way that would make me a satisfied customer and that really impressed me very much. Just try to do that with several of the large mass market manufacturers located in the New Jersey area (you can easily guess who I mean.) It's impossible to even get through to tech support with them most of the time. Companies such a Cerwin Vega or Oppo are really the exceptions and I would hope that Audioholics would give them a chance, despite my experience and that of the reviewer.
We have no problems with Cerwin Vega and actually met a couple of the guys one year at CEDIA (when it was in Denver). We gave them a copy of the review to technically peer and didn't get a timely response (still no response in fact).


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Well i just ordered a pair online. $500.00 with delivery fee i think for a 5.1 you cant beat that quality for the price for 6 speakers.

i had some samsung HTIB speakers before so this should be a significant upgrade, i can't wait


Just received the cvhd system last week. To my ear, they sounded a little bright at first, but after some tweaking at the receiver and a little break in, these really sound great. Nice full sound and excellent imaging. The sub does a good job -- considering has to cover a fairly wide range, I am pleasantly surprised at how really well integrated the system is. I think the system represents a great value (and also gave me back a great deal of space in my living room... LOL - although they are not your typical tiny satellite speakers).

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