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<font color='#000000'>Hello Sages and Soothsayers, &nbsp;What say ye on a center channel speaker with the real world, delivered price of approx. $225 or less?
I am currently saddled with an Energy ECC-1R, purchased in 1993. The documentation I have is pretty slim, except to say it has &quot;dual 4.5&quot; bass/mid drivers on either side of a 0.5&quot; hyperdome tweeter in a dual vented enclosure.&quot; This and two satellite speakers ran me $280 in 1993, so I am guessing it is not exactly &quot;state of the art&quot; anymore, if it ever was. Rest of system is a Sony STR-DA4ES receiver powering (4) JBL S26 speakers, (2) Energy Point 1 E speakers and the aforementioned Energy ECC-1R center channel speaker. The Energy EPS-150 subwoofer rounds out my Dolby Surround set up. Suggestions?? &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;GEER</font>


<font color='#000000'>Hi gmer

I have a suggestion but it may be much too inexpensive for you to take seriously. Check ebay for the Axiom made Merak MC6H. It has a trapezoidal anti-standing wave shaped cabinet, dual 6.5&quot; drivers and a great big 7&quot;x3&quot; horn tweeter. I use one of these in my office HT system assisted by a Radio Shack super tweeter ($30) supposedly good to 40KHz +3db.

I use the Merak with a Sony STRDB1070 receiver, 2 Onkyo M282 2 channel amps, 4 Axiom made Michaura M55 speakers and a Dahlquist PDQ1500 subwoofer. This system sounds great!

I paid about $40 from ubid for the Merak. I picked up another for about $60 from ebay for a friend.

I have a gigantic Klipsch KLF C7 center speaker in my main HT system. It's similar in that it has twin 8&quot; drivers and an enormous horn tweeter. The Merak does not give up that much to the Klipsch.

I've heard folks say that they think the MC6H sounds muddy. Not mine, or the one I gave to my buddy. They sound incredibly good.</font>

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