CD prices on the rise?



Audioholic Intern
Stumbled across this MSN article about what's skyrocketing in price these days. I was only partially surprised to see "audio discs and tapes" on that list.

The article admits this is only a few months' worth of data, but regardless this is never a welcome sight in light of the recent history of the whole recording industry mess.


I remember reading in a Rolling Stones a couple months ago that the Record Industry saw a 18% loss in sales. 18%!?!?! Thats not that bad folks! I mean the technology sector was hit hard, but these guys see a downturn and scream bloody murder.

From my angle it seems that they release crap music now (the newest CD I have boughten was Enigma's Voyageur, and thats far from the "popular" section), and poeple are downloading a lot more music (although probably less now that Kazzaa has been polluted) and they still only managed to 18% in sales. Of course it could be that they were running record sales the years before and didn't realize they might actually go back to normal someday.

And with how anti-Republican and anti-governement Rolling Stones <magazine> is I believe that number to be either exactly true or just a tad bit inflated. :D


Audioholic Intern
I can't remember the last time I went to a store and purchase any cd at their retail price. It's (pardon my french here) f*cken ridiculous. $19.99 for some bull**** release of a new group and there might be about 1-2 audible tracks and the rest were garbage.
I joined BMG club and make my purchase there. On average, when I do make a purchase.. it always equates to about $5-7 a CD. Now, that's a real prices :D .

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