Carver CT-Seven Preamp Tuner VG+



Asking $235. Shipping within USA & Canada $27. Local Pickup available (I am in MD 20 mi from Wilmington DE). I accept Paypal. Return accepted within 7 days. (Checkout my 100% Ebay ratings: Username: rjc7394)
Condition: Very Good++. Works 100%. No scratches or cosmetic flaws. Recently serviced (see below for details). No remote included. Year of make unknown.
Contact me for copy of Carver ST-Seven Preamp Tuner manual or more detailed info for all specifications/features.
Preamp Section Specifications (Preamp/Tuner Section specifications detailed in photo section):
- Total Harmonic Distortion 20 Hz to 20kHz <.01%
- Tone Boost/Cut: 8 dB Treble & Bass, 6 dB Midrange
- Signal to Noise Ratio: 98 dB
- Max Output Level: 8 Volts
- Tone Control Turnover Frequency: 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz
Front Panel Features (details in photo section):
- Bass/Midrange/Treble/Loudness/Balance, Audio Mute (reduces volume by 90%), Tuner, Mono, Tape1 & Tape2 Selector, Tape Deck Dubbing, Sonic Hologram (explained in photo section), Multipath Noise Reduction Circuit (ACCD), Stereo, Tuner Digital Display Readout, Signal Strength Meter, Source Selection, Tape Monitor On/Off, Phono, CD, Video1, Video 2/AUX, Headphone Jack.
Rear Panel Features (details in photo section):
- Phono Ground Screw, AM Antenna Mounting Bracket, AM and Ground Terminal, FM 75 Ohm Antenna Terminals, Preout, Video1, Video2/AUX, Tape1 Input & Output, Tape2 Input & Output, Unswitched Convenience AC Power (Two Switches, Can be used to supply power to any accessory up to 500W), Switched Convenience AC Power (Two Switches, 110V AC, Switches can be used to supply power to any accessory up to 500W), Amplifier Connections, CD Player/Cassette Deck & DAT Connections, Antenna and Cable Connection.

Size: 19" wide x 12.25" Deep x 3.5"High

Recently serviced:
- Clean and align controls and switches
- Resolder Main Amp Circuit
- Resolder connections in Power Supply
- Diagnosed Components
- Regulator and new power cord
- Tested to confirm normal operation



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