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I can take almost nothing away from the Cambridge Audio Minx M5. This multimedia speaker system sounds like it was designed by people that love good sound and really want to bring it to you. Cambridge Audio did a lot with the Minx M5. The higher frequencies and midrange sound fantastic. I mean, REALLY good. Better the harder you listen to them. The bass isn't as deep as you'd like, but what are you going to do with a 5.25" woofer in an 8" cube? The real standout is the control module. Putting volume and power control where you can reach it is one thing. Pairing it with the main USB input, a 3.5mm input, and a headphone output is brilliant. The Cambridge Audio Minx M5 is a speaker system truly deserving of the moniker "Multimedia". This may be the only system you use with more than one device.

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Have you been able to determine what the specs on the DAC are? I recently was looking a the B&W MM1s, but was slightly turned off by learning that the built in DAC is 16 bit 44.1 Khz. I cannot find the specs for the M5s


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The satellites have non-removable (I tried but I didn't want to risk breaking them) fabric grilles and the bass module has a slightly concave wire mesh grille.

If the sat's are like the Min 10's you need to twist the grill to remove it (to the left, if I recall correctly - I haven't listen to the pair I have in a while).

But, when I first turned these on, they sounded very harsh. I played with placement at first but eventually just forgot about it. Later, I thought they sounded better. I left for a week for a vacation and fully expected that they would once again sound harsh as my ears had "unbroken" in. But that wasn't the case. They still sounded pretty good to me.

That's quite true; out of the box the BMR driver sounds awful, and definitely 'warms up' after a good 25 or more hours.

The really unique part of the Minx M5 speakers is the control module.

That control modules appearance is virtually identical to the BMR driver itself, which is a brilliant tie-in on CA's part.

I'm very sensitive to subwoofer placement. I found an 80Hz crossover to be too high in most cases

What did you ultimately run the crossover at (assuming it's adjustable, of course)? For the Min 10's anything lower than 120Hz is going to create a massive hole in the crossover region. Realistically, 150Hz is probably better.

BTW... the first paragraph in the Overview sections contains the line "All the speakers were covered with a very thin cotton fabric because AUDIOPHILE!". Not sure what you had intended to publish, but I doubt that was it.

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