Built an outdoor subwoofer



My journey:

I started humble with some Polk A-4 speakers many years ago at an old house. I really like those speakers but they were just a stepping stone in my audio journey.

2 years ago i moved into a new home and started to build my best indoor system yet. Wait indoor I though we were taking outdoor? Well like most folks i trickle down my gear. So as i built my indoor system i was left over with two Rythmik LVR-12 subwoofers that had been replaced.

I decided to buy a SVS wireless adapter and add the LVR-12‘s to my new Polk A8 outdoor speakers. The two LVR-12 freaking ripped. How
ever those are some pretty big boxes outside and i knew the paper cones would never last.

Fast forward to today and I decided to build a new sealed sub to fulfill my outdoor bass need. In walks the Dayton audio HF-15 and a 500watt plate amp in a sealed box.


It should be a nice beast outside for you.

That is under a covered porch, yes?
what did you do to help prevent high humidity/temperature swings for the amplifier?

Did the Dayton HF pass the sag test for downfiring? The sealed enclosure will help there of course so long as it is sealed up tight.


Hi Ammunaki,

Correct this is under a covered porch so it will be safe from any direct moisture. Temperature swings are a concern. the rythmik's made it two years outside and are still working perfectly, so Im hoping to get lucky with the Dayton 500W amp. luckily the cold is not to big of a concern where I live. It only freezes about 3-5 times a winter.

I did check the sag test. Its not stellar but it is less than 5%.

It does rip pretty hard outside and is very clean. I used the single PEQ on the amp to help flatten out the very low end so it doesn't roll off so early as a normal sealed box.

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