Bluetooth adapter for car



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Recently bought a new car, in the center console I have an aux, usb and power outlet. What I would like, a Bluetooth adaptor I can set in the center console to play music through my phone to the car stereo. can anyone reccomend an adapter?


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Not familiar with AptX particularly, and actually thought it incorporated that but now that I read a little A2DP can work with AptX but that doesn't mean it has it (and think I'd read something that indicated it was compatible and mistook that for working with it as well).

As to what it would bring to the table in this application, I don't know, altho I had read before that AptX was desireable in a BT device for audio. I have a Galaxy S4 I use it with and it's fine in my van (and another van I drive I bought one for as well), sounds fine but these aren't critical listening environments. I have plugged the unit into my workshop setup a bit with analog inputs and sounds fine there, too. YMMV.

FWIW found this article while looking

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