Bluesound soundbar. Need advise on subwoofer!!!



I am pretty naive when it comes to audio set up. I would really like to learn! I bought a bluesound soundbar about 18 months ago. I want to add a subwoofer to it. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance
William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

Audioholic Spartan
Assuming that 600 dollars is your budget(based only on the price of the pulse sub(not) that crutchfield sells to accompany your soundbar), I would look here.
It’s much cheaper, and you could use the extra hundred bucks to buy the wireless deal that works with your soundbar. Not to mention it’s actually a real subwoofer, and will completely destroy the 6.5” pulse thing.
Of course you’re at Audioholics looking for subwoofer advice so I could also assume you looked at the pulse sub and lyao... If the latter, I apologize for even mentioning it.

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