Auro 3D upmixing games (PC and PS5) - need tips for speaker setup 11.1 (5.1.6 including VOG and center height speakers)



Denon X3800H is otw to me, but should i setup for 5.1.6 (5 heigth and 1 VOG) or 7.1.4 mostly for premium pc gaming, PS5 and some TV/streaming? I can't find any useful info about Auro 3D and gaming. From videos i think i learned that that 11.1 with 5 height speakers of one is voice of god is a good choice for both Auro 3D, Atmos and DTS:X, BUT is that a good choice for PC gaming and PS5? Room is small and my head is only 50 cm from back wall (like one of your rooms), so, is cutting out the back surround a better swap for 5 height of one voice of god?

What about games that don't support Atmos, DTS:X?

Have anyone tried to play 7.1 game on pc or PS5 and use the Auro 3D upmix, is it any good, how many games is tested, what kind of games and what speaker setup was used.

My setup is 48 inch LG OLED, sitting in a recliner, aprox 1,3 m away from screen. Distance to front wall from my head is aprox. 2,3 m left side to my head is 1,1 m, right side 2 m. Celing/roof to head is 1.9 m. Big ... front speakers. Medium size center sp., side sp., and 2 medium extra i can place as center height or front height or side height or maybe as a VOG. All other speakers for other height speakers are small size sp. but with a punch (120 HZ cross over). Premium SVS sub (but only one). Forth sub out is for a tactile a.. shaker for my recliner. but where should i place the extra(s) medium speakers (from my old 7.1 setup)?

Are there any games that do not have Atmos or DTS:X but is "recorded" above 7.1?

Greetings from Norway - pretty noob at this above 7.1, had Atmos for 6 years with 2 height speakers and i think it was a gimmick, and few Atmos games on the market made that i 99 % of the time did not use Atmos, maybe Auro 3D can give a new dimension for gaming, hopefully, with upmixing 5.1 or 7.1.

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